Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Reader 01

Hello there,

Wow it was fast that FT got a replacement already. Anyways, a week ago i thought of sending this to them but forgot until i got to know of The Fossip.

I had seen that Velvet Ribbon, Tic Tac Toe and a few other blogshops who have very high pricings. For example, Velvet Ribbon has an acid wash jacket which is selling for RM70+ whereas another blog i saw was only selling it for RM60! That is a huge difference, over RM10 difference. The same goes for Tic Tac Toe. These two blogs have been known for their sky high prices, and i believe that eventhough they might have bought it at a higher price(which i doubt) they would still high rocket the price regardless.

I am not complaining but it's just my opinion.

However, thank goodness there are still blogs who have reasonable pricing. A few which i shopped with recently are Dorfbury, Piperlips(friendly!), and Bunny Noo (good service). :)

I want to congratulate these blogs on their good services and i will definitely shop with them again.



Hello, yeah we really missed FT ever since they stopped. We have been an avid reader of theirs ever since the beginning. However, we do understand their issues.
As for the price issue you had stated above, i think that their jacked up prices might also include their expenditures for transport(petrol/public transit), possibly higher pricing from suppliers, and so on.
So if you think the prices are too high, then there is the option of buying from the other blogshops at a cheaper price.

Thanks for your input though, you're the first. :)

Opening Speech

Hello all,

As we recently got to know, our dear Fashion Truth blog has stopped operating for the time being due to plenty of unforeseen circumstances (as explained on their blog). Therefore, this blog is created for the purpose of continuing Fashion Truth's legacy.

One thing we really like about their concept was how they allow buyers/readers/sellers to speak out the truth about online shopping. We have to admit that there are certain buyers and sellers among us who are not really genuine, and therefore it's a good thing to have a place to let the public know of their misdeeds. And as for the good ones, we appraise them for their excellent services and products.

Why name it 'The Fossip'?

Simply the abbreviation of Fashion + Gossip = Fossip.

Hoping to hear from all you readers out there. :)